Welcome to Wood Family Butchers:
Proudly serving Bristol

Wood Family Butchers is a family run butchers that has been serving the public and Wholesale for more years then we care to remember. The business is built on a foundation of an excellent butchery team.

Our range of traditional butchery methods using only the highest quality local meats, along with our recommended friendly and reliable service is second to none.

No order is too big or too small for Wood Family Butchers. We're here if you need one chop for yourself, 20 chops in individual bags for your freezer or 50 chops for your dinner party. We will cut the produce to your requirements and then also pack it to your preference.

The team at Wood Family Butchers are experts in the industry knowing what cuts and produce will suit your needs best, including information from weights, sizes and cooking advice. Our team are committed to supplying the highest quality produce, and service while making sure everything is at a competitive price with the major retailers. All of us at Wood Family Butchers share one vision providing quality produce to everyone whether it be in store or online.

We always try to source our produce as locally as possible from the South West and surrounding areas as we aim to support the local farming industry, and at the same time ensuring the highest hygiene standards of their produce. Along with producing our own home made sausages, burgers, faggots (which we are proud to mention are award winning) dry cured bacon, steamed cooked meats, pasties and more.

Our aim is to bring quality meat at amazing prices, keeping in mind that you get what you pay for. We may not be the cheapest but we believe that you will be hard pressed to find better products or service.

So, why chance buying cheaper products only for your family to leave it on the side of the plate. 

Xmas Pricelist

We can now deliver Xmas Meat direct to your door - excellent quality, hand-picked and superb value for money. CLICK HERE  for prices 

If you would like a Veg Box added to your order please click here. Please indicate "Delivery by Woods Butchers" in the list of delivery options.

Treat yourself to one of our set Christmas Hampers ready for the big day. Order here today!